La Caldera is a center for artistic creation whose main objective is to use the body as an artistic symbol and to express all kinds of emotions and feelings through it. This center attracts different artists from many different places so they can show, learn, and teach others their qualities and interests within the world, body and art.
La Caldera, a flexible graphic system that uses creative coding and the moiré effect, aims to unite experimentation in digital and physical media to enhance the representation of La Caldera in all its forms. The experimentation has expanded beyond traditional painting techniques and moved into programming through generative design, allowing for a wide range of options based on a system of parameters.
The goal is to create a dynamic and constantly evolving system that can adapt to change and represent La Caldera in all its forms, taking into account the diversity of the residents and their projects. To achieve this, parameters have been established that incorporate randomness, generating a large number of different combinations.

Project developed by Pablo Navarlaz, Luca Chemello, Alberto Hidalgo, Manel Pla, Guillem Caballol & Gerard Manyà.

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